Where's Daddy? Pilot

The Lonesome Trail

Remodel Zone

The Mystery Date

Assault In Brooklyn

The Lonesome Trail is about Preacher Brent Carson's commitment to God to spread the gospel and help all people migrating to the town of Red Springs Montana to find a home. Mike McCray's iron will to keep his territory the same and not have anyone change it.

A remodel gone wrong put a family in the remodel zone trying to figure out how it all happened.

Assault in Brooklyn is a story of domestic violence and abuse. Martha has been taking this abuse for too long and now she snaps and fights back.

Francis Coleman struggles with a condition that was suppose to be in remission as her husband and daughter are by her side. This condition takes her life and catupaults in daughter into growing up too fast.

William wonders why all of a sudden his ex-wife is coming after him for child support. Only thinking of himself he doesn't realize what his leaving did to his son Maurice.